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There are many ways to pay for your undergrad and postgrad studies towards a quants career. Learn more about each option to find the one that’s right for you.

STUDY CHOICES - Undergrad - Bursaries


A bursary is a sum of money that is awarded by an organization to a student, in order for them to study at a university.

These bursaries will cover the costs of the student’s tuition and will sometimes also cover the additional costs associated with studying, such as: textbooks, meal allowances, and accommodation.

The conditions for this funding include:

  • Most companies that provide bursaries require the student to work for their organisation, once they have completed their studies.
  • A typical ‘work-back’ agreement is that the student works-back 1 year for every year that company paid for their studies. For example, if a company bursars a student for 3 years then the student would need to work-back 3 years at that company.

You can find out more about bursary opportunities on our sponsors website.

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A scholarship is financial aid awarded to students to further their education. Some scholarships are once-off awards and other scholarships are renewed each year until a student has completed their studies. Scholarships are awarded by various foundations, companies and private individuals.

Scholarships unlike bursaries do not have a ‘work-back’ agreement and are not re-payable. You can find out more about scholarship and bursary opportunities on the foundations website.

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The National Students Financial Aid Scheme is a bursary scheme that provides students that are studying / registered at Public Higher Educations Institutions with financial aid assistance to complete their studies.

To qualify for this funding, your combined annual household income does not exceed more than R350 000 per annum.

The conditions for this funding include:

  • Prior to 2018, if all courses were passed up to 40% of a student’s loan was converted to a bursary, then the remainder is to be repaid by students upon graduation.
  • From 2018 onwards, students will be awarded a grant – rather than a loan – and this will not be repayable.
STUDY CHOICES - Undergrad - Student Loans

Student Loans

Student loans are provided by financial institutions to assist students to further their education.

The conditions for this funding include:

  • Students are required to pay back the loan amount plus interest, once they have graduated.
  • Students would require someone (normally a parent or guardian) to stand surety for the loan amount.

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Are you studying maths, statistics, physics, economics, engineering or computer science in South Africa? Do you want to learn more about what further study, funding, work experience or career opportunities are available to you? Register with Quantify Your Future now to receive news and updates on the latest studies and careers news!

Opportunity Summary:

Absa bursaries

Each year we select a handful of talented top performers and provide with financial support enabling them to complete their education and potentially pursuing a career with us on qualifying.

We also offer postgraduate bursaries on an adhoc basis.


Opportunity Summary:

Capitec Bank External Bursary Programme

Capitec, South Africa’s fastest growing bank, seeks scholars / students who have a go-getter attitude and are determined to take ownership of their career, to join our External Bursary Programme.

An exciting opportunity awaits after successful completion of your studies, within one of the below departments:

  • Business Development & Technology (Information Technology; Digital & Data Solutions)
  • Financial Management
  • Credit Management

 If this opportunity resonates with you and you require financial support to further your studies, please reach out to us!

Opportunity Summary:

Firstrand Group Bursaries

Are you invested in your future? Then FirstRand would like to invest in you…

“Talented individuals who love challenges, are motivated to add value and have innovative ideas will always find a home at FirstRand.”


As a leading African financial services business, FirstRand has a vested interest in the future of the continent and her young talent. With brands well known for their entrepreneurship and innovation: FNB, RMB, WesBank and Ashburton Investments – FirstRand is actively engaged in virtually every sector of the economy.

And so we invest in those students who invest in themselves. Our bursaries are available to top performers.

Opportunity Summary:

The FirstRand Foundation Trust Undergraduate Bursary Programme

Degree Programmes Funded

Commerce, engineering, science and technology degree programmes majoring in the following disciplines:

Commerce: accounting, economics, financial management, law, risk.

Engineering: all specialisations.

Science:  actuarial science, agricultural sciences, biosciences, climate sciences, data science, electronics, environmental sciences, indigenous knowledge systems, mathematical sciences, physics, renewable energy, society and sustainability, statistics.

Technology: business information systems, computer science, information management, information systems, information science, information technology.

Opportunity Summary:

FNB Bursary Programme for future leaders

We believe in growing future leaders for South Africa, which begins with growing our brightest young minds. The reality is that there are many strong academic students who show the greatest potential and dedication, but have very limited financial resources. Which is why we’ve established the FNB Bursary Programme for top-class students who need funding to complete their commerce and science degrees. We believe in investing in you, without any expectation of you working back or paying back the funds. It’s another way in which we’re committed to helping to create a better world. Because a better world needs better leaders.

We’ve partnered with only the best bursary service providers to ensure we’re helping deserving students receive the education, mentorship and support they need. So speak to one of our bursary service providers today.

Opportunity Summary:

Nedbank Limited bursaries

Supporting academically deserving students with proven financial need to take their first steps toward achieving their dreams and obtain their first undergraduate degree.

At Nedbank we believe in using our financial expertise to do good by helping bright young leaders to pursue their academic dreams.
The Nedbank External Bursary Programme (bursary) aims to fund academically deserving students who do not have the financial means to study fulltime towards a first undergraduate degree or diploma at a South African public university or university of technology. The aim of the bursary programme is to address South Africa’s scarce-skills shortages, with a specific focus on green economy skills.

In short, green economy promotes sustaining and advancing economic, environmental and social well-being. Green-economy skills refer to those areas of study that focus on improving human well-being and social equity, while also significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. Green-economy skills include the reducing of carbon emissions and pollution, increasing energy and materials efficiency and enhancing our natural capital.

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Are you studying maths, statistics, physics, economics, engineering or computer science in South Africa? Do you want to learn more about what further study, funding, work experience or career opportunities are available to you? Register with Quantify Your Future now to receive news and updates on the latest studies and careers news!

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