Opportunity Summary


About GenA Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) 2022

Feel the pace of international finance by delivering financial advisory, capital raising, financing and risk management services to clients worldwide. Corporate and Investment banking offers opportunity within the following areas:

  • Banking (Investment)
  • Corporate Banking
  • Client Engagement
  • Commercial Property Finance


Learn and develop advisory expertise, local financing and legal and jurisdictional frameworks, to enables you and your team to service the needs of the rapidly-expanding African economy. Develop a deep understanding of clients’ needs to create bespoke solutions within the market. Particular areas of specialism include:

  • Corporate Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Equity Capital Markets

Corporate Banking

Learn to build relationships with industry specialists and product expert teams, to provide integrated solutions to businesses, financial institutions, and large local and global corporates, to help them enhance their trading status achieve their domestic and international trade objectives.Areas we specialize in include:

  • Debt finance
  • Cash Management
  • Trade and Working Capital
  • Open Account Finance
  • Corporate Product Management
  • Authenticated Collections
  • Global Finance and Transactional Banking

Client Engagement

By developing a deep understanding of clients’ business objectives, challenges and opportunities, Client Engagement is all about delivering the best service to our global clients.

Commercial Property Finance

Commercial Property Finance (CPF) offers competitive, market leading property finance solutions across our African footprint, as well as cross-border funding solutions in other jurisdictions. Our property segments include Retail, Office, Industrial, Residential (with a specific focus on Affordable Housing) and Specialised Properties.

Work with and develop your skills alongside a dedicated team of property finance experts with extensive experience in structuring tailor-made, innovative financing solutions. Our property financing products include Investments Loans, Development Loans, Mortgage Backed Business Loans, Lease Discounting and Vacant Land.

Who we look for

You are wanting to work in a dynamic environment that will give you exposure to a network of professionals who will help guide and enable your career progression. You want to be part of a structured development programme that will connect you to graduates from across the continent giving you the skills to be self-empowered and cross-culturally competent. You will master the art of a design mindset whilst applying novel and adaptive thinking that will prepare you for the future world of work.

Find out more about absa:

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How to apply

Limited opportunities are available so make sure you log onto the following site to apply: https://www.absa.africa/absaafrica/careers/graduate-opportunities/

Applications close on 31 August 2021

Location Western cape