M.Eng Industrial Engineering Focus: Data Science

University :

University of Stellenbosch

Degree :

M.Eng Industrial Engineering Focus: Data Science

Closing Date :

Duration :

1 – 2 Years fulltime

1 – 3 Years part time

Website :

Application :

For general enquiries about the program, and to find out more, contact Prof Andries Engelbrecht.

To assist you with the enrolment process, contact Melinda Rust, our Postgraduate Manager. She will assist you with filling in the application forms and will submit your application for the acceptance process.

Programme Administrator :

Postgraduate Manager:

Melinda Rust: mrust@sun.ac.za

Data science (DS) is the scientific investigation that employs innovative approaches and algorithms, most notably machine learning algorithms, for processing and analysing data. DS technologies can be applied to both small and big data, of various types such as relational, images, video, audio, and text. Big data constitutes extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.

This programme focuses on enabling students to develop innovative optimisation and machine learning techniques to produce novel, efficient and robust data science technologies, for use in Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management and related applications.

To be considered for admission you must:

  • Hold at least a BEng, a BScHons, another relevant four-year bachelor’s degree, an MTech, or a PGDip (Eng); or
  • Hold other academic degree qualifications and appropriate experience that have been approved by the Faculty Board. The department’s chairperson must make a recommendation regarding such a qualification and experience to the Faculty Board.

Students must have passed 1st year Mathematics, Statistics or Applied Mathematics. Computer programming experience is also an advantage.


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