BCom Hons Mathematical Statistics & BCom Hons Statistics Focal Area: Data Science in BCom Hons Mathematical Statistics

University :

University of Stellenbosch

Degree :

Honours BCom (Mathematical Statistics) & Honours BCom (Statistics) Focal Area: Data Science in HonsBCom (Mathematical Statistics)

Closing Date :

30 October of the preceding year

Duration :

1 Year. Lectures start one and a half week before official lectures of the academic year.

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Programme Administrator :

Prof S Lubbe

Data  is  important  and  is  analysed  in  almost  all  environments.  A  data  scientist  must  have  the following skills: to gather data and to store it, to transform data and graphically represent it, to ask relevant questions and to analyse data so as to answer decision-making questions. Data scientists are employed as statisticians, data analysts, data managers and statistical analysts in, for example, the marketing, information and management positions of firms. In this capacity they form part of the exciting management and decision-making processes in large organisations. Students with this training can negotiate exciting and well-paid career opportunities for themselves.

Coursework modules consist of Biostatistics, Multivariate Analysis, Time series analysis, Data Mining, Stochastic simulation, Survival analysis and Introduction to Statistical Learning.

Bachelor degree with minimum pass requirement of 65% in Mathematical Statistics 3 or Statistics 3.

Bursary office of the University

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