Data scientists turn a flood of messy BIG DATA into information using algorithms and machine learning, using their formidable skills in math, statistics and programming.

Then they apply their analytic powers –such as industry knowledge, contextual understanding, skepticism of existing assumptions– to uncover hidden solutions to business challenges.

They take on projects to meet a particular customer or business need and present their results using clear and engaging language.

Data scientists develop and implement complex mathematical models that organisations use to make decisions about risk management, investments and pricing.

They are a blend of statisticians, computer scientists and creative thinkers.

They are involved in capturing and analysing new sources of data, building predictive models and running live simulations of market events.

In addition people suited to this career also display the following competencies:

  • Explores new territories, thinking outside of the box and finding creative and unusual ways to solve problems.
  • Approaches challenges with a clear eye on what is important and employs the right approach / methods to make the maximum use of time and resources.
  • Demonstrates the ability to conduct quality, industry led research that contributes to an organisation’s success.
  • Analyses, understands, extracts and pieces together all the data that is necessary for a creative solution.
  • Understands data, explains patterns, showcases trends and offers insights from the information available.
  • Works effectively across various teams, locations and time zones to achieve common goals and objectives.
  • Understands what drives the industry and how data can contribute to the success of an organisation’s strategy.
  • Has the ability to communicate both internally within the organisation and externally, such as with customers, partners and clients.
Other Skills & Competencies