BEng Data Engineering

University :

University of Stellenbosch

Degree :

BEng Data Engineering

Closing Date :

30 June

Duration :

4 Years

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Programme Administrator :

Prof HA Engelbrecht

Data Engineering contains all the tasks required to make data available for analysis, knowledge discovery and decision-making processes. The most important task of the data engineer is to develop and maintain an organization’s data pipeline systems, and implement algorithms to transform data into a usable format for analysis. The tasks of a data engineer include data collection, data storage, data synchronization, data transformation, data cleaning, data management, and data model development.

Data engineers are responsible for detecting trends in data sets and developing algorithms to make raw data usable. This requires a considerable set of technical skills, including in-depth knowledge of database design and various programming languages. Data engineers are often responsible for building algorithms to provide easier access to structured and unstructured data, but it requires an understanding of the goals of an organization using large datasets. Data engineers need excellent communication skills to connect with different stakeholders inside and outside the organization to understand what Big Data business leaders want to earn and also to present their findings in a way the audience can easily understand.

From the first year, the focus area in Data Engineering is built on the foundations of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Students develop the engineering skills to create mathematical, physical, and statistical models of real systems, including data systems. After obtaining the qualification, Stellenbosch University’s Data Engineers can integrate these areas of knowledge to critically analyse complex systems to come up with innovative solutions to problems. This will be demonstrated by students who have successfully completed their final-year data engineering project in their final year of study.

  • National Senior Certificate with admission to bachelor’s studies, or an exemption certificate issued by the Matriculation Board
  • An average, using the six best matric subjects (excluding Life Orientation and Mathematical Literacy), of at least 70%
  • Mathematics with at least 70% (or in the Senior Certificate Examination before or in 2007, Mathematics HG: at least a B
  • Physical Sciences with at least 60% (or in the Senior Certificate Examination before or in 2007, Physical Science HG with at least a C)
  • English Home Language: 50%, with no Afrikaans requirement; or

English First Additional Language: 60%, with no Afrikaans requirement; or

English First Additional Language: 50%, together with Afrikaans Home Language: 50%; or 

English First Additional Language: 50%, together with Afrikaans 2nd Additional Lang.: 60%

Prospective students who meet the above admission requirements must also be selected before they can be admitted

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